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Missing maintenance tasks - not detected by the RepairTasks program?

Jan 30 at 11:11 PM
Hi, I'm using your software to fix my Windows 8.1 tasks after reverting from a Windows 10 upgrade. The program was able to fix an annoying issue where an XML error pertaining to RAC kept popping up in the Task Scheduler, but I have another issue I've been seeking to fix: my automatic system maintenance just doesn't run and I have no way to configure its settings. It just returns the error: "Windows is unable to run automatic maintenance. The maintenance scheduler is unavailable. "

Thing is, Repair Tasks scans over the TaskScheduler folder, but reports no issues. I finally figured out where the tasks are in my system, and compared the Windows 8.1 tasks ZIP to my system:

The ZIP image has 4 tasks in it: Idle_Maintenance, Maintenance_Configurator, Manual_Maintenace, and Regular_Maintenance. Mine had 0 tasks. Not sure why the program didn't pick that up.

So I went and attempted to append the entries inside the Windows 8.1 image into my system via the Task Scheduler, but got stopped when attempting to add the Maintenance_Configurator. My computer says: "Task Scheduler service is not available. Task Scheduler will attempt to reconnect to it" whenever I attempt to click OK. I actually don't know if I should be doing it like this. Is the program not modifying the Task Scheduler's tasks a bug or do I need to take different steps to fix my issue?
Jan 31 at 12:03 PM
Firstly, watch out for task names. The XML files in the zip have blanks in their names replaced with underscores. So you should not be adding Idle_Maintenance, but Idle Maintenance. you should rename the extracted XML file. Also, I suspect that, if Windows is to find the task, you also need to add it in the right folder, i.e. Microsoft/Windows/TaskScheduler.

Secondly, if the Task Scheduler service is not available, this implies that the Scheduler service is not running (you can check by opening Task Manager, switching to the Services tab, and scrolling down to Scheduler). However, if this is the case, Repair Tasks will not run a Scan without error, but will instead report network errors for every installed task. Did you try these two things in the same boot session?

Feb 2 at 6:11 AM
Edited Feb 2 at 6:28 AM
Thank you so much for your reply.

Alrighty. I ended up getting rid of the tasks I just sort of pasted in a few days ago, so that's no longer an issue. I was dropping the tasks in the right folder, but didn't know anything about replacing the underscores with spaces.

The last time I checked, yes. I tried these two actions within the same boot. Currently I can verify that my Task Scheduler service is running, but I am still unable to do automatic maintenance. Consistent with that, the Repair Tasks program is still able to run properly.

I should note that the error being returned only shows up when I attempt to run maintenance in the action center manually. Anything else related to tasks seems to run properly within the Task Scheduler (without any error popups). Just within there, I see some failed tasks relating to the Maintenance Configurator and Regular Maintenance tasks.

I'll see if I have any better luck if I remove the underscores from those files. Thanks!

EDIT: So the way I've been attempting to add the services manually to the Task Scheduler is to navigate to the folder that needs the tasks, choose 'import task', switch to 'all files' instead of 'XML files', and take the files inside the package. I tried doing the XML itself, but it returned this error:
I believe it did that both before and after I renamed the file from "[Content_Types].xml" to "[Content Types].xml". Doing the task files themselves seemed to work when they had underscores in them. When attempting to add them with spaces, however, they seemed to break the task scheduler UI and I become unable to read data in the task scheduler until I reopen it.
I really don't feel comfortable trying to do it in this method, as it seems like it only will legally add the tasks to the list if it has the underscores in the name. I myself really would like to understand why the Repair Tasks program isn't taking any action to put it in there.

Again, thank you so much for your advice.
Feb 2 at 5:28 PM
Okay, here’s another way you can go about installing the tasks required. Open the zip file in one Explorer window, and in another open Windows\System32\Tasks. You may need to grant yourself permission to access the latter. In the second window, navigate to the Microsoft\Windows\TaskScheduler, and copy in the missing task files from the zip file. Change all the underscores in the copied file names to blanks (these files do not and should not have extensions).

Now run Repair Tasks. When you run Scan, the copied in files should show up as not being installed. You should then be able to run Repair in the default mode to install them.

Let me know how you get on.

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Feb 3 at 7:30 PM
Alright, I did those steps and got up to when I needed to run Repair Tasks. Repair Tasks didn't display anything, so I went back into the Task Scheduler in Administrative tools, checked under Microsoft/Windows/TaskScheduler, and there they all were! Didn't even have to do anything with Repair Tasks or adding tasks, apparently just pasting the files in there with the right names and it just registered them properly.

So then I went into the action center, attempted to start a manual maintenance, and it's running! For the first time in like 2 years my computer can do maintenance on itself. Again, thank you so much for providing personal help on how to fix my problem.