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Cannot scan in repair tasks 3.3?


When I click on scan in your repair tasks software I get the following message. scan terminated by unexpected error access to path c:\windows\system32\tasks is denied. How can this be corrected so I can complete a scan. yes all the task scheduling errors must have occurred when I switched back from upgrading to windows 10 back to windows 7. Thanks for your help!


Dijji wrote Sep 10, 2016 at 10:15 AM

Repair Tasks runs as administrator, which usually has access to this folder. What I would do in your situation is to open up Explorer and navigate to the tasks folder. You will probably get a pop-up telling you that you don’t have access, and asking you if you would like to change things so that you do. Try saying yes. This may fail, in which case you will need to right click on the tasks folder, select properties, and go into the security tab to see who has access and sort it out.

By the way, this sort of problem would normally be dealt with as a Discussion, because you’re not proposing any changes to the program.