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Recovery of task " " error.........


Win 10 - 1607-14393.969 - Having problems with Task Scheduler. Receiving 43 "Task not installed" errors.
Ran 'Repair Tasks' it scanned and identified all errors.
Saved results and ran 'Repair'
Each of the 43 tasks failed due to:
"Recovery of task "%" failed with 'ERROR: No mapping between account names and security IDs was done.(41,8):UserId:'
Some listed (13,8), (40,8), (8,22), (22,8), (18,8), (15,8), .....
(results txt file attached.)
Any ideas? ? ?

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Dijji wrote Mar 31 at 8:24 PM

The likelihood is that this is not particularly a Repair Tasks problem, and that you will find other functions do not work.

The problem arises when a username, and the underlying security ID to which it maps get out of sync. This can happen when you change a username or remove a user. Sometimes it can be fixed by logging off and logging on. Other times, looking on the net, you may need to get into registry hacking, or in the worst case, if you are in a domain, group policy.

Anyway, my immediate recommendation is to see what else doesn’t work, and research the error on the Internet.